Allies Along the Way ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 11 of 24

Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man – A classic portrayal of Allies for the Hero
And yet …
Lion is having another meltdown.
Tin Man needs oil again.
Scarecrow is on fire.

You are busy with your journey. So, do you …

Tell Tin Man, you’ll help him when you return.
Warn Scarecrow he should carry his own damn bucket of water.
And for tearful Lion, you just shouted at him, “Get over it!”

How we treat allies is often our blind spot.

The delusion of the finish line being the purpose of our journey can be our downfall.
The Holy Grail, of the hero journey, is our character. Anything else is a mirage.

Personal note: However, it’s lovely when Allies bring dark chocolate to share.

Meet the Mentor ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 10 of 24

In the tale of Pinocchio, a cricket plays the role of mentor.

In history, it’s people.
Three examples worth knowing:

Opposing Russian officials this Polish father lost his job and a home for his family. In spite of economic hardships, he encourages his daughter to study science.
You won’t recognize his name, Vladislav Sklodowski, but you know his daughter. She discovers Radium and Polonium. She is the only two time Nobel Laureate in two categories of science, Marie Curie.

Or this unknown mentor Sarah Bush …
Upon becoming a stepmother, Sarah defied her new husband who was cruel and demanding to his son. Lucky for us, Sarah, stood her ground to encourage her stepson to read and learn. The child is Abraham Lincoln

This teacher, Mademoiselle Souvestre, is obscure in history.
She encouraged an insecure teenage girl to reach beyond her comfort zone and to challenge the status quo of society. The world will know her student, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mentors aren’t with us forever.
Whether it’s Jiminy Cricket, a parent or teacher … a mentor bows out of the story due to decisions or death.
Becoming independent with inner growth, a hero continues the journey.

Tests in the New World ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 9 of 24

As the hero’s journey lands us in new circumstances …

There are tests:
Flying monkeys,

Or falling asleep,

Tests tear us apart:

Tests will challenge our status quo, crack our resistance, and propel us toward change.

Crossing the Threshold ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 8 of 24

Cross over the threshold.

In the hero’s journey, the quest of living, we make a decision and take the step.

In the past, our predicaments of Poverty, Power or Pride may have prodded us to cross.
For later life thresholds, these dramas no longer push us.
Propelled by the higher causes, Justice and Truth, we cross the threshold.

We don’t know where the decision will lead but we know it answers …

‘Who am I?’

There is power, wonder and glory in knowing who we are.

Like magic, results will materialize.

In fiction this alchemy is symbolized as a wizard.

In life this alchemy creates an iconic leader.

CXR59R Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States

“Halt! Who Goes There?” ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 7 of 24

The Threshold Guardian – A Troll


A threshold guardian stops us from going any further with the simple question, “Who goes there?”

“Who” being the key word.

If you don’t know ‘who’ you are, you aren’t going anywhere.

In the hyperbole of this Monty Python scene the troll is called “The Keeper of the Bridge” who warns anyone about crossing his bridge.

The bridge is named, “The Bridge of Death.”

In the Hero’s Journey we must cross this bridge.

The old Self will die.

Refuse the Call to Adventure ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 6 of 24

Your phone rings. The caller ID shows “ADVENTURE.”

You don’t have to pick up. It’s a “Call” not a “Demand.”

Adventure won’t leave a voice message. No number is listed to call back.

A journey is stalled while the questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” remain rhetorical.

You are thinking about life, not living life.

We think we have all the time in the world.

We don’t.

If insights came from staying in the Ordinary World, you wouldn’t still have the questions.

Call To Adventure ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 5 of 24

Thrust from our Ordinary World, we are caught unaware, scanning an outdated map.

Realizing our well worn T-shirts from “Been There” and “Done That” don’t fit, Temptation suggests that we refuse the call.

Visiting ghosts give Scrooge the chance to answer the call.

Scrooge will follow the call and in one night, he changes the order of his life.

Scrooge could have said ‘No’ and there would be no story.

We can say ‘No’ and there will be no story.

Accepting a Call to Adventure keeps life authentic. It is The Quest of Living.

Meet the Herald ~ The Quest of Living

Meet the Herald

Out of the blue. Unprovoked. Facts arrive.

A Herald delivers a message afterwhich life will never be the same.

Stop the Herald?

You can’t.

The paradigm shift to your journey has already occurred.

An event:

A natural disaster:

A spiritual experience:

Silence. A frenzied brain rewires information.

Rant. A frantic reaction shouts, “That’s not fair!”

Scramble. A frightened ‘aha’ realizes, “My map is useless.”

How to live with the new precedent?

Resistance strikes a motherlode of excuses.

Evasion digs a living grave.

Or … in the aftermath of the Herald …

Call for Integrity to burn off the fog of confusion.
You will see a compass.

Demand Courage to disband clouds of doubt.
The North Star is revealed.

Beseech Joy for the strength to move forward.
Because …

“All growth is a leer in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act
without the benefit of experience.” Henry Miller

A Hero’s Life ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 3 of 24

A hero’s actions to serve others is an expression of noble qualities within.

This balanced duality, the outer and inner journey, is the essence of having a hero life.

However, over the years we became preoccupied with the outer journey of making the world, our homes and families a better place. Giving priority to outer growth, relegated our inner growth to a back-burner, creating an imbalance, a vague dissatisfaction.

In this hollowness we hear the bell toll long before we are dead.

Henry Thoreau explains:
“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

If we lost track of singing this internal song, quiet desperation has settled on us.

The balance for the hero journey is the dual outer experience of withstanding crashing waves and inner experience of attention to our song.

Your Ordinary World ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 2 of 24

An Ordinary World is familiar and brings assurance.

And yet … your heart is restless.

Repeating the past is not only impossible, it’s pointless.

Ordinary Worlds of college, career, or kids have ended. Relics of the starry eyed teenage stage collect dust.

A new job, another cruise, or the French Cooking Class give only distraction, not direction. You are living the life you wanted, but a restless dissatisfaction is … palpable.

You are not suffering with depression and you don’t need a ‘midlife crisis.’

A shifting wind is stirring from an untold direction and you don’t have a map.


Eternity is calling the ancient question.
“Who am I?”

Coming to this foreign vista is unsettling. It feels deserted at best, godforsaken at worst.
That’s how a new journey starts.
You can’t outgrow the Hero’s Journey.
A new chapter is starting.

Only you can turn the page.