Meet the Herald ~ The Quest of Living `Post 5

Meet the Herald

Out of the blue. Unprovoked. Facts arrive.

A Herald delivers a message afterwhich life will never be the same.

Stop the Herald?

You can’t.

The paradigm shift to your journey has already occurred.

An event:

A natural disaster:

A spiritual experience:

Silence. A frenzied brain rewires information.

Rant. A frantic reaction shouts, “That’s not fair!”

Scramble. A frightened ‘aha’ realizes, “My map is useless.”

How to live with the new precedent?

Resistance strikes a motherlode of excuses.

Evasion digs a living grave.

Or … in the aftermath of the Herald …

Call for Integrity to burn off the fog of confusion.
You will see a compass.

Demand Courage to disband clouds of doubt.
The North Star is revealed.

Beseech Joy for the strength to move forward.
Because …

“All growth is a leer in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act
without the benefit of experience.” Henry Miller

Ann is an author and artist. She's lived and worked in Korea, England and Germany as a counselor, college instructor and director of a family support center. Her master’s degree from Boston University encompassed studies at the University of Cambridge. Ann’s Flash History Biography series has reached international shores and covers: Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Unleashed, Golda Meir ~ True Grit, and Marie Curie ~ A Nobel Life. Ann lives in northern California enjoying her life with her adult children. She is currently working on her next book "Making Life Meaningful".


  1. Ann Atkins

    For me – a Herald was the doctor who took me aside and told me my husband would not survive this stroke. Everything in my world was about to change. Everything.

  2. Aziz Dehkan

    My Herald visited me often. Yet I denied its arrival. Until. Until the day I looked at myself 50 pounds overweight. Addicted.
    My Herald was my inner voice calling me to change. To confront my fears. And to live a more intentional life.

  3. Matt Smith

    For me, a herald takes many names, but perhaps the most important one is an honest friend. Someone who will tell me what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear. Those challenges are always gladly accepted.

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