Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Unleashed


Eleanor Roosevelt - Unleashed (paperback)
Eleanor Roosevelt - Unleashed (paperback)
Eleanor Roosevelt - Unleashed (audiobook)
Eleanor Roosevelt - Unleashed (audiobook)
Eleanor Roosevelt - Unleashed (ebook)
Eleanor Roosevelt - Unleashed (ebook)

Book Summary

From a childhood fraught with troubled wealthy family, Eleanor carries her altruist heart into a marriage of appeasing Franklin and her grand dame mother­in­law. When this house of cards crashes, Eleanor awakens and sets course to champion for human rights. When her exuberant style, wavering voice and lack of Hollywood beauty become fodder for the media, Eleanor replies:
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
First Lady for thirteen years, Eleanor redefines this role to a position of power. Using her influence she champions for Jews, Blacks and women. Today, Eleanor would be dubbed “Queen of Social Media.” Writing a newspaper column for twenty­seven years she had nine million followers. During WWII Eleanor visited the troops in the Pacific and says: “If we don’t make this a more decent world to live in I don’t see how we can look these boys in the eyes.” Making words a reality, the pledge “Liberty and Justice for All” became more sure for the world when Eleanor lead the way for founding the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” In any arena Eleanor fights injustice and perseveres against society’s blind spots. From the uncelebrated to the famous, citizens of the human race agree, the “First Lady of the World” is Eleanor Roosevelt.

Book Reviews

Midwest Book Review
Eleanor Roosevelt has proved an enigma of American history. “Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery” discusses the life story of Eleanor Roosevelt and how to apply it to one’s own modern life. From breaking ground early in life and becoming her own woman free of titles later in life, “Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery” is an enticing and much recommended read for those seeking a motivational biography.

ForeWord Review
Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most influential First Ladies in United States history. Her accomplishments are especially impressive and inspiring when one considers her background and the reality of the political and social forces she faced. Ann Atkins’ biography, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life of Soul Search­ing and Self Dis­cov­ery: From Depres­sion and Betrayal to “First Lady of the World” is a sympathetic exploration of this fascinating woman’s story. The overall effect of Atkins’ writing is an approachable and favorable account of the life of one of America’s most celebrated and productive First Ladies that will intrigue and inspire middle and high-school readers, as well as those adults seeking a user-friendly biography.

Bob Cherney |GoodReads review
Eleanor Roosevelt’s impact on current American culture is easy to underestimate. This book puts her back in her rightful place in her historical era as well as pointing out the initiatives she started that continue to this day. In spite of the power of her words and the strength of the coalitions she assembled, the battles she fought continue to be fought…. Ann Atkins’ prose is literate, and yet easy to read, with an understanding of which issues that were as topical when Eleanor dealt with them as they are today. It is this ability to make one of the greatest women in American history as contemporary as any woman on today’s political scene that gives the book its greatest power.

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