Resurrection ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 21

Greek mythology symbolized the stage of Resurrection with the Phoenix bird, destroyed by fire, rising from the ashes of its enemy …

In today’s version of the resurrection: The hero emerges from a death scene and triumphant music swells in the background. The camera zooms in to show us the confident gleam in the hero’s eye.

The Ordeal, will not be the death of us.

Whether we hearken to the Phoenix Bird or the Cool Black Dude …

We are the rise from the ashes.

Ann is an author and artist. She's lived and worked in Korea, England and Germany as a counselor, college instructor and director of a family support center. Her master’s degree from Boston University encompassed studies at the University of Cambridge. Ann’s Flash History Biography series has reached international shores and covers: Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Unleashed, Golda Meir ~ True Grit, and Marie Curie ~ A Nobel Life. Ann lives in northern California enjoying her life with her adult children. She is currently working on her next book "Making Life Meaningful".


  1. Ann Atkins

    Thanks Carole. There has been such a great response that I am having the series become a book – “The Quest of Living ~ A Map for Your Journey.”

  2. ally

    Whew! Yes Ann, I do know firsthand the journey of rising out of the Ashes. The Resurrection, becoming, being, restoring. The Phoenix!!!! We have to be with others who are transforming their Ashes, that’s been s difficult part of the journey for me. Finding genuine people who want to and have the capacity to listen and come beside one in their pain. Not to fix,

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