Return With The Elixir ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 22

The integrity of our return, uninhibited.

In myths, the hero returns with an elixir that transforms.

In reality, no magic potion, no twirling wand, no fairy dust, no new age incantation will give results.

And yet, we tingle with excitement realizing our transformation has taken place. It is real.

There is no greater story than coming to know your own self.

It’s the greatest story since the beginning of time.
We return to the village to encourage those yearning to experience The Quest of Living.

We tell them, “Go.”

Photo Credit: Julius Gwyer,

Final Thoughts:
So we return to our village living the duality of our quest.
Sages will then point out to us:
We are singular entities each on our own journey and yet, we are part of the village.
Worldwide, we share with everyone the fact that we are each on a quest of living.
Recognizing this shared spiritual blood with all people, our differences disappear.

Mightier magic than any Merlin is the impact of understanding what the prophets have been trying to tell us – we are one.

“We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

Ann is an author and artist. She's lived and worked in Korea, England and Germany as a counselor, college instructor and director of a family support center. Her master’s degree from Boston University encompassed studies at the University of Cambridge. Ann’s Flash History Biography series has reached international shores and covers: Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Unleashed, Golda Meir ~ True Grit, and Marie Curie ~ A Nobel Life. Ann lives in northern California enjoying her life with her adult children. She is currently working on her next book "Making Life Meaningful".


  1. Carole Sweeney

    I totally enjoy your posts. Reminders of lessons learned from life or from authors, artists, poets and remarkable movies like the Wizard of Oz. A spiritual message, a gift. Thank you. Be well and prosper.

  2. Ann Atkins

    Thank you Carole. Writing this series has certainly been a wonderful part of my journey.

  3. Ann Atkins

    Thank you for the comment. I am back to writing again and my focus is on “Making Life Meaningful.” Stay tuned. 🙂

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