Allies Along the Way ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 12

Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man – A classic portrayal of Allies for the Hero
And yet …

Lion is having another meltdown.

Tin Man needs oil again.

Scarecrow is on fire.

You are busy with your journey. So, do you …

Tell Tin Man that you will help him when you return.

Warn Scarecrow he should carry his own damn bucket of water.

And for tearful Lion, you just shouted at him, “Get over it!”

How we treat allies is often our blind spot.

The delusion of the finish line being the purpose of our journey can be our downfall.

The Holy Grail, of the hero journey, is our character. Anything else is a mirage.

Side note: Allies and Mentors can only go so far in the journey with us.

We face our fears alone.