Meet the Mentor ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 11

In the tale of Pinocchio, a cricket plays the role of mentor.

In history, it’s people.
Three examples worth knowing:

Opposing Russian officials this Polish father lost his job and a home for his family. In spite of economic hardships, he encourages his daughter to study science.
You won’t recognize his name, Vladislav Sklodowski, but you know his daughter. She discovers Radium and Polonium. She is the only two time Nobel Laureate in two categories of science, Marie Curie.

Or this unknown mentor Sarah Bush …
Upon becoming a stepmother, Sarah defied her new husband who was cruel and demanding to his son. Lucky for us, Sarah, stood her ground to encourage her stepson to read and learn. The child is Abraham Lincoln

This teacher, Mademoiselle Souvestre, is obscure in history.
She encouraged an insecure teenage girl to reach beyond her comfort zone and to challenge the status quo of society. The world will know her student, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mentors aren’t with us forever.
Whether it’s Jiminy Cricket, a parent or teacher … a mentor bows out of the story due to decisions or death.
Becoming independent with inner growth, a hero continues the journey.