Shapeshifter: Spotting the Con Artist ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 13

Conned, deceived, or bamboozled.

Shapeshifters create confusion.

The ‘Good Guy’ shifts to the ‘Bad Guy.’ And we didn’t see it coming.

How does that happen?

It’s not magic.

Look at the above photo.

The naive hero, believes the sham. Snow White, trusts that the apple is a gift.

The switch occurs. See it?

The apple shifts from gift to bait and Snow White backs away.

But a naive hero doesn’t want to see a sham and Snow White takes the apple anyway.
Until she ‘sees’ there will be lots of ‘apples.’

And before we get angry with Shapeshifters and say, “How could they do this to me?”
Let’s look at the ‘me.’
We see what we want.
If we really are that lion – a Shapeshifter won’t come near us.

It’s that simple.