Tricksters ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 15

“What do you bring to a knife fight?”
“A gun.”

A trickster wins by wits not brawn.
If you don’t have a cool cloak, it’s OK.

Eleanor Roosevelt, in her grandma guise of pearls and orchid corsage, is also a Trickster.

An official comments on Eleanor, “Never have I seen naivete and cunning so gracefully blended.”

Trickster tricks:
Cut down an oversized ego ~~~~~~~~ Point out hypocrisy ~~~~~~~~~~~ Win with cunning
Exploit a shortcut ~~~~~~~ Tug on a mask ~~~~~~~~~~ Provoke authority figures
Challenge the status quo ~~~~~~~ Unapologetic for tactics

Do we dare to use this bag of tricks for the good of our communities? Can we thumb our nose at superficial social mores designed to keep people in their place? Point out hypocrisy? Exploit a short cut?

For those of us raised with a strong work ethic and we must fight “fair and square” being a trickster feels like cheating.

Get over it.

There are times we need to be a Trickster.