Tests in the New World ~ The Quest of Living ~ Post 10

Stage 6 – Tests of the New World

Crossing the threshold lands us in new circumstances …

We face new tests:
Flying monkeys, intimidating bosses, vengeful ex-spouses …

A test will tear you apart …

Like Dorothy,
We avoid the test when we fall asleep, surf the web, pour a drink or overbook our schedule.

A test will challenge our status quo, crack our resistance, and propel us toward change.

Ann is an author and artist. She's lived and worked in Korea, England and Germany as a counselor, college instructor and director of a family support center. Her master’s degree from Boston University encompassed studies at the University of Cambridge. Ann’s Flash History Biography series has reached international shores and covers: Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Unleashed, Golda Meir ~ True Grit, and Marie Curie ~ A Nobel Life. Ann lives in northern California enjoying her life with her adult children. She is currently working on her next book "Making Life Meaningful".


  1. Robin Blakely

    Smiling over here.
    If i could do cross-stitch, I would make you a pillow that says: It’s Not About the Cello.

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